Signature Facial in Ogden, Utah

We customize every facial to the needs of each individual client. Using state-of-the-art VISIA technology, we can see the subsurface skin imperfections not visible to the naked eye. This provides us with an in-depth scientific assessment of your skin's current condition and what preventative and corrective steps to take to ensure great health and youthful looking skin.

With the perfect skin strategy for you, you're ready to be pampered! Stimulate circulation, relieve tension, and intensely hydrate your skin with regular facials. This easy maintenance must keeps skin looking and feeling young and healthy.

Frequently asked questions

A facial is a luxury skin treatment that when done properly for your skin type, is one of the best methods to truly take good care of your skin. A facial cleanses your skin, exfoliates surface skin cells, steams and softens, massages, hydrates, and nourishes the face. It may also include extractions and gentle peels for specific skin conditions. Custom masks and specific antioxidants are used to treat individual skin care concerns and contribute to the health and beauty of your skin.

The healthy glow and radiance of a custom facial typically last about 48 – 72 hours after your facial. The circulation and hydration have been boosted bringing nutrients to the cells which leaves your skin radiant during this time

We recommends having a facial every 4-6 weeks to help keep the cellular turnover high, which results in a more clear, clean and toned complexion. Having a two or more facials in less than a month may result in over-stimulation of the skin and can leave you with a dull appearance, or may result in a break out.

After having a custom facial, you may experience a temporary break out as the skin may sometimes “purge” as it gets rid of the toxins a day or two after having extractions. When this happens, the skin may have an increase in whiteheads or pimples, and it can be inflamed and red. This is normal and usually calms down in a few days. Rash like symptoms are rare, but can occur which would indicate an allergy to ingredients or products used. Please contact us if you experience any stinging, burning or rash-like symptoms following a facial.

The time to start taking good care of your skin and forming good skin care habits is around age 13-14. At this age, the skin begins to change, hormones become active and the body naturally begins to produce more oil. This is the time when pores become clogged, forming blackheads and acne pustules. Congested pores become more prominent without proper care. While teens experience this at different ages, the beginning of puberty is a good guideline to begin a good, healthy habit of skin care.

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