Redness Reduction Therapy in Ogden, Utah

Redness in the ventral face, cheeks, nose, chin and forehead are typically caused by a condition known as Rosacea. Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory condition which causes recurrent flushing, visible capillaries, and persistent swelling. It is more common in woman and generally occurs during middle age, this condition generally affects the face and can lower your self-esteem, causing stress and depression hindering your quality of life.

While there is no cure for Rosacea, there are treatments we can do to improve your complexion and reduce your facial redness. We use a combination of laser wavelengths to effectively reduce and remove the visible capillaries as well as target overall redness and inflammation.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the severity of the condition, a series of 4-6 treatments will effectively reduce the redness. You will, however, notice a significant reduction in the blood vessels and capillaries after your first treatment. Topical prescriptions and/or home care products may be added to help you get the most out of your treatments.

Our laser treatments for redness reduction are considered to have none to mild pain. As capillaries are individually targeted, there is a snapping type of sensation usually referred to as a 'rubber band' snap feeling. A mild burning sensation may remain for several minutes post treatment. Treatment of generalized redness and inflammation involves a burst of cold nitrogen, which may slightly increase the discomfort. All treatments are tolerable without the need for topical numbing..

Redness reduction therapy for the face is spaced out once every 1-2 weeks initally for the first 4-6 treatments. Monthly maintenance treatments may be needed depending on ther severity of the condition.

Immediate side effects of laser redness reduction include a temporary increase in redness and swelling which can be cooled with icepacks. Other side effects of the laser may include temporary darkening of the blood vessels, mild burning sensation, brusining and possible blistering. As a reminder, we are backed by a Board Certified Dermaolotgist who specializes in skin conditions and reactions and is on-site if any complications arise.

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